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A true celebration for Shine's 2nd Birthday takes off in style & that will take place at The Warehouse in Leeds, the home for Shine & has been since Easter 2012.
With an exciting yet rare moment for the city of Leeds, Shine are very proud to announce they have booked on Saturday 28th September a world renowned talent returning to his hometown of Leeds, especially for Shine's 2nd Birthday the legend himself DJ Dave Seaman. To mark the occasion on his return & only as a one off, Dave will play a very special Exclusive Classics Set.
Dave started out at what would become one of the best ever house clubs in the UK, Shelly’s in Stoke and from there gracing every super club you care to mention, to name but a few of them are Cream, Gate Crasher and most notably his long term relationship with Renaissance also releasing the now famed Renaissance 'Masters' series and further releases with Global Underground

He is also well known for his '90's dance outfit Brothers In Rhythm hugely acknowledged for their monster dance floor hits 'Such A Good Feeling' and 'Peace & Harmony' along with a catalogue of remixes & productions for artiste including OMD, Eurythmics, GarbageBruce Hornsby, New Order, Mike Pickering's M People & believe it or not, the king of pop himself Michael Jackson. Plus Dave can also lay claim to the Brothers Love Dubs classic 'The Mighty Ming'.

In the 'Main Room' at The Warehouse fitting the bill, Shine have carefully handpicked DJ's with unique styles & outstanding ability and the superb line up for this, consists of headliners in their own right who are the fantastic Justin Robertson, CJ Mackintosh, Allister Whitehead & Ian Ossia.
While in Room Two, commonly known as 'The Loft' 3 names who've stood out over the past 2 years since Shine's 2011 launch will be guest DJ’s, Kaos legends Tony Ross & Mark Alexander (Mark & Farrar) along with Up Yer Ronson's long term resident Paul Murray, to be accompanied by Shine’s excellent residents, Garry Dabill (Up Yer Ronson) & Jamie Richardson (Shine).

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It's 2 years since Shine launched their club nights into a succession of ram packed events seeing the scene of Leeds take off again with Classics, Old School's truest form.
Consistently standing out holding a reputation for showing off highly skilled DJ's, they continue to bill along side Performing Artiste while keeping in touch with what Shine never seem let up on & that's constantly bringing enthusiastic crowds, out for one thing & the one thing Shine always deliver on, is an electric atmosphere shaped by top class music, literally blowing your mind.
So inviting Dave Seaman along for the celebration of Shine's 2nd Birthday is very fitting to say the least, it's an expression of Shine's serious take on music, while ensuring the usual fix is in place for attending party heads out for a usual good time they know unfolds at these exciting parties, Shine are putting on.

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Where better to make this happen other than The Warehouse venue, which is out of this world as far as atmosphere is concerned. With a perfect line up, guaranteed euphoria comes from a combination of quality music pumped out through the recently fit Funktion One Sound Systemcapable of lifting you off your feet.  While strobe lights, smoke jets, lasers and lighting compliment displays on projector screens, cleverly put together by the coordinated efforts from Shine and The Warehouse visuals team.

Shine look forward to joining you on the dancefloor sharing Birthday Celebrations on this exciting night, set to be remembered for many years to come...